Yearly Membership (Individual or Family)

Yearly Membership (Individual or Family)

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Price: $20.00

Membership is valid for 12 months and helps:

Raise funds for:

  • Medical equipment such as infusion pumps. 
  • Other medical services such as a MRI T2* for patients. 
  • Medical Research such as Stem Cells, Gene Therapy, Foetal Haemoglobin, Bone Marrow Transplants, etc.
  • Equipment for Treating Centres such as chairs, vein finder, TV’s, etc.

Support greater awareness and education through: 

  • Development of materials for health professionals
  • Community Education programs among newly-emerging (CALD) communities, schools and hospitals.

Services for Members and Patients:

  • Updates on important issues relevant to patients and families with newsletters, website and social media.
  • Family outings, social events and education workshops
  • Peer mentoring programs
  • Patient and Family counselling

Strengthen the Society: 

  • Enables the day to day operations of the Society
  • Maintains a strong community profile and advocacy base

Increase Advocacy:

  • Raises our voice for greater Government support & assistance
  • Enables greater input within NSW Health and Hospital Administration
  • Enables work with partner organisations to promote haemoglobinopathy issues

View our Corporate Plan to see our objectives and goals for 2018 and beyond.

You can pay by online or by cheque / money order or by posting in your credit card using Membership Application Form


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