26 July 2020

Baking a difference

Today I went to visit one of our supporters, Luigi Carrieri of Luigi’s Bakery, in Dulwich Hill. Nestled in a humble shop front on New Canterbury road, this popular bakery is where locals will tell you there is bread like no others. These delicious gems, crafted of flour, water and passion, are made from a recipe and method that has been perfected over two decades by Luigi, a fourth-generation baker.

Luigi immigrated to Australia from Italy at the age of 18 and his journey led to the opening of the Dulwich Hill Hot Bread Shop in 1997. The delectable smell from this little shop invites rumbling tummies and passers by. After a friendly welcome, I find myself asking, ‘Luigi, what is it like working with this smell all day?’ He just laughs stating, ‘forget Gucci and Chanel!’ – A sentiment that we both now share.

Luigi generously provides the Society with his delicious bread rolls for our BBQ fundraisers held throughout the year. So when you buy one of our snags, you have the delicious experience of an authentically Italian, handmade bread roll, crafted over hours and baked with love.

Talking with Luigi, his personal ethos of passion and community is unmistakable. His interest in Thalassaemia and his heart for using his skills and talent to help others is evident and greatly appreciated by our Society. I encourage you to pop by the bakery and try his garlic focaccia’s – And if you’re not a local, it really is worth the drive.