Apr 2017: A busy few months behind us and more ahead

We’ve had a busy few months!

Since December, the Thalassaemia Society has provided 7 Infusion pumps for iron chelation to patients. The pumps (Niki T34 Syringe Driver) are expensive, costing several thousand dollars, and Thal Soc is delighted to be able to provide this service due to and thanks to the generous support of members and supporters and fundraising efforts of the Committee. We are deeply grateful for this support.  

We supported several people with information for queries about tests for Thal minor, health access and visa status, maternity and thalassaemia minor, and research / assignment projects from students. Our counsellor support continues at 3 hospitals for families and patients.

We have been meeting with community groups in Western Sydney to increase awareness of Thalassaemia & Sickle-Cell anaemia among community workers. Western Sydney continues to see increased growth and increased numbers of newly-arrived communities. It also contains two of the most diverse Local Government Areas (LGAs) in Australia - Fairfield & Liverpool.  Many of the arriving communities come form regions and countries with a higher population prevalence of carrying thalassaemia and sickle-celll trait.

Liverpool Hospital covers an area form Bankstown to Bowral and has seen an increase in Sickle-Cell & Thalassaemia patients, mostly from Middle-Eastern and South-East Asian backgrounds.

We had two successful days at the Greek Festival in February with almost 400 visitors to the stall. Our messages were about resilience and achievement and highlighting the expanding and diverse lifestyles led by Thal patients.

A big thank you to the Greek and Cypriot communities for their long-term and continued generous and active support.

The Thalassaemia Australia newsletter came out in Nov/Dec and is available from the Coordinator for anyone who hasn't yet seen it. Please email coordinator@thalnsw.org.au for a copy.

Finally, to cap everything off, we welcomed a new Committee and a new Coordinator. 


The staff and Committee are busy planning a series of awareness-raising, education, fundraising and social events for over the next 12 months,  including events around International Thalassaemia Day (May 8th) and Sickle-Cell Awareness Day (June 19th). The Society relies on the good will of supporters and the strength of Members.  Please keep supporting to maintain a strong and effective Society. 

Thank you  smiley

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