Patient Support:

Request for financial support with T2 MRI or Infusion Pump** for patients within NSW/ACT

** Please note once approved, it takes 10-12 buisness days for delivery.

To be eligible, the patient is required to be a current member of the Thalassaemia Society of NSW and complete an application form signed by a treating Haematologist or CNC.

Download a Pump Application Form

Download a Membership Application Form or apply for Membership online

Download the Niki T34 Pump Manaul, a useful resource for any patients using this syringe drive pump or read about a new syringe drive pump called CA-500 from Canafusion, recently approved by the TGA for Australia.


Counselling Support:

Counselling is available to members and patients as well as family members and partners of patients. Patients can refer themselves or be referred by their Clinical Nurse or Haematologist. 

There is no charge and the service begins with an initial session, with up to 10 sessions.

  1. Why request counselling support? There are many different reasons: 

    • Depression or Anxiety

    • Compliance issues or concerns

    • Substance use/abuse; Eating disorders; Suicidal thoughts; Self- harming

    • Parents struggling to manage/cope or relationship issues

    • Transitioning from Children’s hospital to the adult’s hospitals; Adolescent issues;

  2. The approach is patient centred and depends on the patient’s needs and may include:

    • Cognitive-behavioural counselling 

    • Solution Focussed Therapy

Please contact: 


Equipment Support:

The Society listens to patient's and CNC/Doctor's feedback and provides equipment for our Treating Centres such as chairs, vein finders, TV’s and other facilities.

To discuss further or provide ideas, please contact the Coordinator.


Family & Peer Support:

The Society organises events and outinsg and links aptients with each otehr for support. Thse include:

  • Family outings, social events and education workshops
  • Resilience building workshops
  • Peer mentoring programs


Grant Applications for Research Projects (within Australia):

The Thalassaemia Society of NSW may consider expressions of interest for Support or Funding for Research Projects. Please contact the Coordinator directly.


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Patient Resources

Useful patient articles and videos for Patients with Thalassaemia and Sickle-Cell disease



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