Thalasaemia Minor - your life, your choice, your test

A short film to increase awareness of thalassaemia and the importance of pre-natal screening. 

The film will explain what is thalassaemia and how it's inherited and will explain the difference between healthy carriers of thalassaemia and those who have the condition. This video is from UK Thalassaemia Society (UKTS) ... See  Video

This video is also available in Urdu ... See Video

Understanding Thalassaemia  - Cartoon (video)

A short cartoon explaining thalassaemia for kids and parents ... See Video 

Thalassaemia: Understanding the disorder (video)

A short video-clip explaining thalassaemia in India ...See Video

For more videos about awareness, please see our video gallery

Malaria: Its Lifecycle and why malaria will still remain with us

The following presentations are of immense interest, as it is postulated by medical scientists, that the origins of haemoglobinopathies like thalassaemia and sickle cell anaemia, are genetic adaptions to provide some sort of biological defensive mechanism against the deadliness of malaria. In a number of countries affected by malaria, it is quite common to find that the majority of survivors are carriers of a haemoglobinopathy.


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