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Christmas Newsletter 2014

Attached please find our final newsletter for 2014, sending you all wishes of a happy and safe festive season with your family, friends and loved ones.

I hope you take some time out to rest and relax and do something you enjoy over the next few weeks!

I will be away from the centre until the beginning of February however I will be checking my phone and emails in order to attend to any urgent matters or for any matters that I need to be passed onto the Executive committee of the Thalassaemia Society of NSW.

Thalassaemia Spring Newsletter

Attached please find our latest newsletter again full of information, some introductions and events coming up.

Thalassaemia Australia Autumn/Winter 2014

Thalassaemia Australia Autumn/Winter 2014 Volume 7 Issue 18

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Christmas News from NSW Thalassaemia Society

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